Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How far will consumer generated media go?

Heads up on a great panel discussion if you are in this space.

Well informed and most importantly fairly frank and honest. One of the more interesting comments about 20 minutes into the session is the discussion about why is it that the majority of TV video advertisements is so mediocre.

The comment was made that why is it that people are always year after year so excited by Superbowl ads but that the rest of the year people complain about the intrusion.

When is it that the advertisements will become the "entertaining content"?

Why is it that some ads interest and entertain us and become runaway hits and others just bore the heck out of us

With the cost associated in shooting a 30 second advertisement is it time that they start audience testing? What’s your favourite ad and why is it your favourite ad? What would/could you change about a boring ad to make it more interesting?

There was an interesting discussion this week on the Yi-Tan conference call about user targeted advertisements.

I mean, I live in NY. I've always owned a car or a motorbike and whilst when I lived in Sydney (or a few at a time at one stage) here in NY I will never own a car, the cost of garaging it at $2,000 per month is one I just cant justify. Yet the majority of ads I see on tv personally are for car insurance. I feel like I owe Progressive and Geico some money based on the amount they have spent on me in the past 2 years.

I've got a concept running around the back of my head on how this could be done based on some stuff that I've looked at in the past with my dealings with Myth-TV and Akimbo but the question is - is there really enough good video advertisements to make user targeted ads more relevant.

I’m also having a hard time deciding is it the clients or the agencies that are driving this “entertainment” issue.


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