Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Senator Coonan: A pipeline for "Hot Air"

Senator Coonan has made the statement "Mobiles A Pipeline for Perversion" and now demands the implementation of a R18+ set of laws to regulate the mobile industry.

Heaven help us, I thought when we got rid of Senator Richard 'Luddite' Alston things were looking up. What is it with positions like must not understand technology in order to be nominated to the role otherwise go to the end of the line?

You know I laughed a few weeks ago when Cambodia decided to ban 3G because it was capable of porn, but that was because it's a technology backwater run by people who dont know any better. (actually I have a lot of respect for Cambodians but thats a story for another time but if you have any interest you must read Pol Pot by Phillip Short it's sensational).

So would someone please go and tell the Senator that mobile content can be loaded by USB, or even shock horror browsed from a website outside of Australia's dictatorial reach, either way......Honey, we already have a law that covers know the one you pushed through last year that moved all the content offshore and had zero affect.

Now go and sit on uncle Fred Niles lap for a bedtime story.


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