Sunday, August 13, 2006

Retailers Intuition

Summer in New York is hot!!! I'm not sure if it is the lack of greenery and parks along with too many buildings and streets but even with us living on the waterfront at York Ave next to the East River most days in summer the airconditiong is running 24x7 (especially in the afternoon when we face the west sun with floor to ceiling glass on the 30th floor -

With the temp for the last few weeks in the 90's (32-37c for my more intelligent metric friends) it was a surprise 2 weeks ago when we saw the shops starting to put out fall/winter clothes. Jodie and I were like WTF!!!

Sure enough last Friday the weather changed, it's like clockwork. The temps are already falling into the 70's during the evening (21-26c) and whilst this means there is no better time than now to visit New York it does mean that 6 weeks from now it's going to suck again and be freezing.

I mean it makes perfect sense that retailers track this kind of thing to the week but it's bizzare how perfect they get the timing some times. One of the things that took getting used to is how you really do need 3 sets of clothes in NY. eg. I have a winter jacket that I wore out the first day it snowed last year.... way too warm, it was a good month later before it was cold enough to wear without sweating.

Of couse the irony is that I now have less closet space than I have ever had at any time of my life.....ah NY rents...such a delight.

I miss home where for 9 months of the year the weather is perfect, in NY it's perfect for 6 weeks in the spring, 6 weeks in the fall and the rest of the time is stinking hot or freezing cold.

Having said that there is a nice upside to the changing of the seasons, it's hard to explain but it's kind of invigorating. It makes you focus on projects and work. It makes you seek out to enjoy life as you notice the years ticking by.

We have even grown to like it in NY when it snows, it may be freezing cold but at least it is clean and white.... for a while till it gets grey and slushy


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