Friday, March 30, 2007

International Rules Part 2

This is a follow up post from my initial "International Rules" post

This week German authorities have sent the USA a "please explain" request with the view that they are unhappy the CIA kidnapped a German national (lol-they even got it wrong and later released him under a case of mistaken identity)

As I posted earlier you cant just go around the world kidnapping people off the streets, sweating them for information and then either holding them incommunicado OR sending them home without an explanation.

We all share the surface of this earth. And within this boundary each country gets to say what it can and cant do (eg Women cover up in Saudi, Australians eat Kangaroo meat, Americans get to produce shows like Baywatch).

No 'super country' has the right to say what another country can and cant do within their own borders. Now you can prevent people from visiting. You can ask guests to leave (lol-I sometimes wonder when some republican is going to read this blog-lol lets just hope he reports to a democrat boss), you can refuse to trade business with them (lol-yes even if they have a ton of oil you need) but basically until we terraform Mars what happens on this blue ball is defined by borders.

You gotta learn to play nice's the rules otherwise we're gonna tell your momma on you.


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