Monday, April 02, 2007

WTO rules USA gambling ban illegal (again),7204,21488765%5E15322%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

Basically the USA is being slammed by the WTO for illegally manipulating in the laws of another country (Antigua) yet again.

This has been an ongoing case, nothing happened last time - probably nothing will happen again. However this round has reached the stage that the WTO can now place sanctions on the USA eg. every car that Ford tries to export from the USA they will place a $100 'fine' up until the projected amount that Antigua is losing each day.

Personally I think they should target Cisco routers and switches or some other IT company (Are IBM still making servers in the USA?) as this is semi related to the IT startups in the Caribbean that are being directly affected.

This may not change anything but at least the $4m dollars a day being raised would keep a lot of VC's in Margaritas.


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