Thursday, February 12, 2009

Coder gold rush

I'd be interested in knowing what percentage of these apps get less than 100 downloads :)

Or how many coders have quit their day jobs only to go back to work after 3 months because their bills aren't being paid.

On a more serious note i noticed that Google Android 'paid for' store launched this week. Anyone reading this tried porting their Apple applications over to Android? how much effort is involved? what are the issues?

Is there money to be made by building an application that automatically ports all iPhone apps over to Android?


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  1. Btw for those of you who say there is no need for other mobile OS versions.

    From this months admob report, of the 6 billion mobile ads they served worldwide……Nokia lead apple with 30% to 18% respectively.


    (lol of course android doesn’t even rank yet).