Friday, February 27, 2009

Demo 09

Here's the list of companies presenting at Demo 09 next week

BitGravity, Inc.
Home-Account, Inc.
Zipadi Technologies, LLC
Billion People, Inc.7
Liquid Media, LLC
eFormic, Ltd.
Coveroo, Inc.
Promptu Systems Corp
HAM-IT, Inc.
Asurion Mobile Applications, Inc.
bluBuzz, LLC lol i think Mrs Blubaugh's Forth grade class might be getting a crap load of traffic to next week.
Skout, Inc.
Always Innovating, Inc.
Avaak, Inc.
Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc.
Silverstone Solutions, Inc.
Ensembli, Ltd.
Evri, Inc.
Purewire, Inc.
Qubes, Inc.
Gazaro, Inc.
HowSimple, LLC
Primal Fusion, Inc.
Jadoos, Inc.
Xandros, Inc.
Symantec Corp.
Kutano Corp.
deskNET SA
AppZero Corp.

A lot of the names on this list have absolutely zero web presence (yeh yeh i know the rules of demo etc)

Also some curious misfit names in there but also some great apps - any thoughts?


Also check out for some behind the scenes info.


  1. is it just me or has the quality of company names gone down this year more than ever.

  2. Yes Thankyou :), at least there is one other person out there who thinks this idea of dropping vowels and adding a 'r' to the end of things is stupid.

    I have two clients at the moment whose names i hate.

    Come on people it's not that hard.


  3. Hi Dean,
    Fantastic blog, thank you. My client whose name is "LiquidMedia, LLC" are presenting Monday with a world changing social/marketing/mobile technology. The link you have here should go to here . Thanks!

  4. Are you sure? the liquid media website doesn't look finished?

    i've changed the hyperlink for you but you might want to get someone to check on it.