Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peter Pham startup advice video

Great video with some really valuable advice for startups. Some of them seem really simple but i cant tell you how many times I've seen startups fail on even the basics discussed here.

My favorite piece of advice from this video is 'mockups', do the work for your clients to make it easy for them to 'pass it around internally'.

I hate working for clients where when i ask for a mockup to be made they say we dont have the time.

If you dont have the skills internally to customise mockups, throw up a quick request on or something like that. For $50 you can have a mockup in under 24-48 hours that will blow your clients away (obviously there is nothing but a visual wireframe so you better have the skills to replicate it and deliver on your vapourware promise).

I know some of the points in this video will sound basic but the successful ones keep harping on this so makes sense to spend 10 mins listening.


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