Monday, February 09, 2009

IBM now exporting 'people' overseas

Reading this seems a lot of people are against it;

My thoughts are it’s actually not a bad idea. No perfect for every employee (eg parents with school age kids) but think about it, if you are open to a new experience what harm could come from going to live in Vietnam or Czech Republic for a couple of years.

Your cost of living would go way down, you get to experience a new culture. Living in Malaysia I found that you can get used to having staff cook, clean, take care of your house etc and it costs much less so you can actually end up saving money even though you might be being paid less therefore enabling IBM to reduce their overheads.

I’ve often said there is no real need for me to live in Manhattan for my work, may as well be in Colorado or Antigua for all it really matters.



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  1. I'm envious of these IBM employees. India is the future of democracy and enterprise. Wish I could figure out a way to move there...