Sunday, January 03, 2010

Android Business Card Recognition camera software

I just came across this Android business card recognition software software company called Intsig recently and was sent a trial beta version about two months ago. They have just launched the full version for $14.99

Try the trial download first as they email you a %15 discount.

Hi Dean,

We've published BCR for Droid on


The business card recognition is great and exactly what i was looking for, there seems to be a small problem with it inserting 0 in front of the telephone numbers on the version i tried but that hopefully will be fixed with an update.

Their UI for editing is perfect in that it shows you the portion of text when you go to edit the field.

Great price for a one off service unlike the monthly off handset processing charges some of these apps are looking to charge you for.

Not sure about how we are supposed to download updates seeing it's not being offered through the android app store.

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