Saturday, January 02, 2010

Re-Targeting ads

It's amazing to see the takeoff of banner ad "re-targeting", currently at Live Chat Concepts we dont use re-targeting but in my own personal browsing etc i see it's use everywhere.

In case you haven't noticed "banner re-targeting" is where you might browse Amazon or Best Buy for a particular item, then at a later date when you are browsing the NY Times you might see a Best Buy banner advertising that exact same item you were just browsing for 3 days ago.

It's no fluke that this particular ad was displayed to you. Through the use of cookies and other methods you were personally selected to see that ad.

For example i'm about to replace my computers keyboard. For a particular reason I'm after a keyboard from Logitech called the G11 that hasn't been made by them for the last 2 years. It took a while to find a retailer who had a new one in stock (hong kong) so i had to visit a lot of companies with Logitech keyboards (current model is G15 and G19) so about 1/20 banner ads i see at the moment is an ad for Logitech keyboards due to re-targeting.

Whats really interesting is that they aren't necessarily ads from the same websites i visited - makes me wonder what else they are sharing between each other.


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