Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey Nascar Fans, need your help.

Hey Nascar fans we need your advice about our new website

As you may or may not know already, our company run a series of websites that provide “Live Chat” venues centered round “Live Events”. Sites we’ve run in the past include and

This site wont be a forum, it wont be a news site – it doesn’t replace any of the current Nascar sites you go to.

We just provide a central place for people to chat live “in the race”, basically a live chat room starts 30 minutes before the race and finished 30 minutes after the race.

Basically you will still need to use your current sites to connect with each other outside of these times but live during the race this is a central destination website to talk about what you are watching live.

We also have some neat functions where you can tweet twitter messages to your personal twitter account & post messages to your personal facebook wall from directly within the application itself.

However this year is our first time setting up a Nascar live chat session and we need some advice.

Do you think we should run live chat sessions for;
1/ Just the Sprint Cup races
2/ Sprint Cup + Nationwide races
3/ Sprint Cup + Nationwide + Truck races
4/ All of the above + the practise sessions as well?

We’re trying to find out how many of you watch all of them, and how many of you want us to provide these free chat rooms for all or would you prefer just some of the events.

Post your messages below to let us know.

Thanks in advance – btw you can register now for a beta invite which will automatically send you an email as soon as we turn the site on for the first race.

Feel free to tweet out the url and get your friends to join up so you can all be registered before the first race.

Dean Collins

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