Friday, January 29, 2010

Bowery Ballroom sucks

I was online at 12pm exactly to buy tickets for "She & Him" for their March concert.

At 12.00.01 I hit enter and basically came back saying no tickets available. So i thought hmm maybe a problem with the browser so refresh did a new search and again no tickets available.

Kind of weird but ok i'll try for the second night (tuesday), also sold out.

I thought there was something broken with ticketmaster until i read on twitter all tickets sold out already (eg my 3 attempts were in in less than 60 seconds.

Now for the really shitty part -

basically there are over 100 tickets already for resale on Stubhub at 4 times the entry price within 3 minutes of the tickets going on sale.

This is fraud.

Basically Bowery Ballroom are selling tickets to all their scalper friends and buddies in advance so that they can then go and sell them making $100 a ticket scalping them.

This is crap.

Basically the scalper is making more from the gig than the performer - how sucky is that? I wonder if Zooey knows that she is helping Bowery Ballroom friends to make more money than she is that night, so much for the fans :(


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  1. i had the same exact experience as you. wanted to by tix for my fiance and i. she loves zooey :-(