Monday, June 28, 2010

Another ZipCar convert

Hired a ZipCar for 2 hours last weekend to run down to HomeDepot for some gardening supplies for the deck.

I totally get why everyone is raving about them so much, basically jumped onto the website, checked which car park had a car avaialable for me to check out for 2 hours, walked down 10 mins later, used my magic card, opened the doors and grabbed the keys to drive it away.

Did what i needed to do at HomeDepot, dropped it back, use the card to lock it up and walked away.

All for $11 an hour on weekends and $8 during the week including gas and insurance..... hmmm I find it very unlikely i'll ever own a car here in NY ever. In Australia sure it makes sense as i'd probably drive every day but basically in NY with all the parking hassles etc....  ZipCar just makes too much sense.

Add me to the ZipCar converted list.


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