Monday, June 07, 2010

Hotel Des Canettes

Dale went off to Switzerland this morning so i got to move out of the last minute hotel we had a meltdown finding.

As fate would have it new hotel that i found by googling yesterday was within a 5 minute walk at 17 Rue Des Canettes and was cheaper than the flea bag place i spent the last 2 nights in.

The originally put me in a small room at the top back but i couldn't get wifi so they moved me to the front 3rd floor overlooking the front alley..... lol the room was bigger but if you plan on going to bed early better to stay in the back as boy it's loud with the party that happens in the streets...... of course if you are like me it doesn't matter, I was out partying until 5am the next 2 nights.

Hotel Des Canettes is a basic hotel at a medium price but very very clean and simplistic. The best part about it is that it is literally on top of 4 blocks of bars and clubs that are open until 3am, so dont plan on going to bed early, and if you are still awake head down to the river you're sure to make some great friends hanging out enjoying the night.


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