Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hulu Plus

Free Ride Almost Over? Hulu Plus Launches Subscription Service
Pressed to start making real money, Hulu -- the big premium TV program Web site -- is finally launching its subscription fee service, called Hulu Plus. But advertising still remains a key piece of its financial puzzle.
Hulu senior executives maintain that the service, which will be offered at $9.95 a month, is not a replacement for the free, advertising-supported Hulu service.

Hmm so i pay $9.99 a month...and i still have to watch ads :(
Sorry dont think so. Want to run a betting pool for how many paying users they’ll have at the end of 12 months?
I think they need more than content in order to attract users, I've got an idea of what they need.... not ready to share the sekret yet :)

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