Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Orchid revival

I have a love hate relationship with orchids, basically i love having them in my home and am happy to shell out $50 each for them; but hate that 4-6 weeks later they lose their flowers and in the past i've always just thrown them out.

About 6 months ago i decided to keep 2 of them and just keep them on the bathroom window sill - surprise surprise i noticed that one of them was throwing up a new stalk and budding.

This is the first time i've ever had an orchid revive on me, anyone know how often this is expected to happen? maybe i should have kept them instead of throwing them out.

1 comment:

  1. Down here in Houston orchids like to be left outside, away from the air conditioning. They love the warm, humid air. If we leave them alone they often bloom repeatedly for 6-9 months continuously.

    There are even places where you can rent them so that you have constant blooms in company offices.

    The paradox of orchids for us is that, the more we tend them, the less likely they are to be happy about it.

    Here's one example from our back yard.