Friday, November 26, 2010

The death of RSS

I'm lamenting the death of RSS today. It's seems frustrating to me how twitter has killed rss feeds/readers and probably brought down the level of "self publishing" by several years.

It seems to me most people are just "re-editing" content from elsewhere and posting useless 140 character blurbs instead of putting thought and insight into their personal writings.

Got something to say? Hopefully it's longer more important and in content than 140 characters.

Any thoughts?



  1. With any luck, the hollowing out of content @ 140 characters per thought will be the death of twitter, not RSS - at least for those who think with more than just their thumbs.

    We must hope that there will always be an audience for well reasoned ideas, gracefully expressed.

  2. don't lament it, Dean.
    the firehose effect is enormous.
    twitter lists/rss/ facebook walls,email / sms

    I am a firm believer that RSS is, and remains crucial for people open to learning and discovering based on finding those hidden blogger gems.

    My opml file is capped at 200. then I use lots of google reader short cuts to manage the flow and curation.

    but the hashtag ###, rss of twitter actually makes using rss on twitter
    my preference..

  3. Dear Dean,

    Yes, I have a Twitter account and am seriously pondering closing it. Most tweets are mindless garbage. TMI. I can get that by opening my front door and listening to conversations on the street. I am a writer and have been told by everyone that I know that I "simply must have a Twitter account." I don't think so. I will build a blog instead and shut down my website and Twitter. Facebook is on my danger list too. I do not have time for these uninformative distracters.