Monday, January 24, 2011

Fatty Crab review

Went to Fatty Crab last night

Ugh, so many misses.

- Quails egg shooters, gross. tried it, sounded good on the menu in reality blech like sucking back stinging spicy snot.
- Penang fish....really?? basically battered fish (like you would have english style with fish and chips) and spicy fishy soup. Not what i expected.
- Tokyo turnips was good, Fatty duck was good (could have been great but duck was average) Pork buns was fantastic - but not worth the $$$$ that the meal cost.

The shitty part - way too loud, music sucked (i mean really sucked) and although the staff liked it raising the roof loud, diners were trying to talk and even across the table couldn't hear a word.

The worst part, when will NY restaurant designers decide enough is enough; and actually purchase tables big enough to hold more than 3 plates and 2 glasses.

- lastly....when you put a table so close to the register/bar that staff bump into the diner eating dinner every time they walk past ITS TOO FREAKING CRAMPED!! (this is in addition to the seating where every time someone wants to leave the table they have to pull the table out from the wall as they are physically line up next to each other unless you are sitting on the ends- WHO DOES THAT???
Lose a few tables it will cost you less in the long run than people writing crappy reviews about your cramped, loud, over crowded restaurant.

Walked two doors down for coffee and desert at some random italian place, no idea of the name, was like night and day, nice lighting, nice table spacing, nice quiet music, able to hold a decent conversation and enjoy great company - ended up staying for 4 coffees and tipped them more than i did for the fatty crab meal. Will be back there for dinner soon.


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