Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taxes in New York and "mobile people"

Watching NY1 (Inside CityHall), Mayor Bloomberg is stating unequivocally "We will not raise taxes for high income earners".

Cut to the commentator with some stats that 1% of New York residents pay over 50% of the dollar amount of NY state earns from income taxes and that over 35% of resident pay no state income tax at all (eg low income/retirees etc).

Wow - i had no idea that the financial district etc people in new York paid over 50% of the income tax - you can understand why Bloomberg is worried some of these people will happily decamp to CT or other areas and work outside of the New York tax district.

(its a real problem, eg i can work from anywhere and intend to from Dec 2015 because of the heart taxation act).

What would it take for Costa Rica to entice half of the people reading this to relocate and work on their software development code remotely?


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