Monday, January 03, 2011

Underworld - am i the only one who didn't know this !!!

So i went a little spastic over Christmas spending Amazon vouchers on 2nd hand cd's (Yes i buy all my music on CD and as i only rip them once to my media server then stack the cd away i dont care they are second hand and 99c a CD + $2 shipping means i get to order 50+ cd's in a single sitting).

So one of the CDs  i was playing a lot over the holidays was the "The Beach Soundtrack" and I really like the Underworld - 8 Ball track I decided to hunt around and delve into the other albums Underworld have released as i didn't know much about them (apart from Born Slippy which i knew about from the Trainspotting soundtrack).


Am i the only person in the world not to know that the "Underworld - Underneath the radar" from when i was in high school is the same as "Underworld - Born Slippy"

1987 -

1995 -

What a mind trip. Proves you can get cooler as you get older :)
I just ordered Underworld - 1992 to 2002 Cant wait to listen to the rest.

BTW yes i know this post is like the other one about Everlast & House of Pain.


  1. I knew that.

    Did you know that the Morse code at the start of 'Underneath the radar' translates to 'Think global'?