Friday, January 07, 2011

MidMid - oops DimDim they are gunning for you

This is the best example of what I love about tech I've seen this week :)


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By: mikrobson

As a long-time contributor to the original Dimdim team (now completely discusted
by the fact that they broke GPL law and spit upon the very community that got
them to where they are now), I would like to become a financial partner in the
further development or the origainal source code, and to help build it to become
the type of Enterprise-level, truely community-base system that it should be.

We have been using the latest opensource code for a couple of years now for
public schools all across the country, and have really enjoyed it, despite it's
many shortcomings.

Now we "just" need to find the right team of dedicated professionals in the
community who want to create something really spectacular, and who want to live
up to code of honor that is spelled out in the GPL. Anyone who is interested
in taking on the coordination and continued programing & development of this
project should let me know.

I would especially like to speak with the folks who are thinking along these
same lines, and who have already shown great initiative by launching the Midmid
project so quickly.

Together, we can all build something far superior to the old Dimdim, and really
create some spectacular.

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