Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook Pages

The voice from above high spoke in a booming voice and said "Ye shall have new pages - shazaaaaammm" and it was so.

So the good-

You can finally change the “Page Type” classification setting (I screwed up one of mine once and now it’s finally set as “a webpage” and not retail outlet).

You can choose the default now as to how your comments appear when you visit a page you are the admin of, eg your comments appear as coming from you by default and you need to switch into page comment mode OR default into page comment mode always.

Loving the new “Send email notifications when people post/comment on your page tool”. (Wondering if I can use this to build some kind of analytics – will have to see what the email output actually sends).

FBML is finally going away and now iframe is going to be the new standard for additional content; check out this fantastic iframe -  

The very bad.

The fact that you cant control the order of the photos is a slap in the face of people who were going to use these as “branding tools” eg lining up 1 picture or another – they should allow you to control if people see these photos at all – it’s kind of dumb and superfluous for most facebook pages.

I hate that they removed tabs, it’s really hard to notice the “Today’s Chats” link on the left of the page for etc. At least when they were on the top people noticed them and clicked around.

Further info
- great example of the new changes


Anyone started playing with the iframe functionality? Is there a limit on the vertical length? I’m thinking of pulling all the tabs and making it into one mega length iframe.

Dean Collins

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