Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of Gods and Men

Went to see "Of Gods and Men", very powerful movie, slow in parts (but at a measured pace so appropriately slow) but there are some scenes in there that are just perfect.

I'm not going to give the storyline away (beware if you read the reviews in IMDB  you'll know what happens ) but i just wanted to say this is definitely the sleeper award winning film of 2011, some of the insight you get to their thinking is portrayed with crystal clear clarity, one of my favorite scenes is with the struggle of the moment with the wheel barrow of wood or the cassette tape scene-the closeups deliver such magnification (it makes me wonder how many times they shot this).

You may agree or disagree but see it with a friend and you'll come out with a ton to talk about (interestingly Jodie and I thought the cassette tape scene meant polar opposites).

BTW how cool is Michael Lonsdale - i haven't seen him for 12 years since Ronin and he hasn't lost his touch at all.

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