Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vivu web/video/desktop share

Just got an email from http://www.vivu.tv/ offerign anyone who used the code "DimDim" 12 months free use of their desktop share, http://blog.vivu.tv/blog/?p=393

I'd prefer a downloadable version i can run on my own servers but 12 months free use is good enough.

Been testing it out for the last hour looks/feels passible.....

Cant customise outbound invitation emails
cant set local time of email beign sent
cant initiate session from the desktop skype client to non skype users.
need to implement skype call to make voice session (eg why would i need to call from skype if i have a phone on my desk to the bridge

A friend of mine just posted this so i might check soem more of these out.

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