Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blackwater - yeh but check out this real power

I've been reading the book "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army" over the last few weeks and there have been numerous times where i've gone OMG i have to blog this (basically about the various connections between the Prince family and the GOP and other various shadow "Industry think tanks"/political agenda organizations but i keep thinking no no wait until you finish reading the entire book and write it in one go......up until i get to page 371.

Page 371 contains a small reference to a "gossip" piece but when you think about it this is the most amazing piece of power demonstrated by the protagonists running the American economic political war machine.

How they kept this out of the press is amazing and shows the true power some people wield.

I'm reading 369 and it starts talking about Joseph Schmitz who is the Pentagon's Inspector General hired by President George W. Bush in 2002 - 2005 , basically the inspector general is the guy who rubber stamps the cheques paying for the wars and everything else in the armed services.

In 2005 he wrote cheques to 77 different contractors in Iraq worth $42.1B  (yes thats BILLION with a Big ass "B") of which Halliburton alone received 52% of the contracts (oh you know Halliburton right Dick Cheneys old company which he forgot he owned stock in while handing out LOGCAP no bid contracts).
So after Joeseph Schmitz hands out all these contracts to Blackwater and resigns his position with the Pentagon he then goes and gets a job at Blackwater as their COO however thats not the most outrageous part of page 371 i'll save all the government stuff until later review when i finish the book - here is the real show of power.

Did you know that Joseph Schmitz has a sister? nope neither did or ...nor should i care, except that his sisters name is Mary Kay LeTourneau.

That name sounds familiar right.......yep it should.

In 1997 the married mother of 4 had an affair with her 13 year old student named Vili Fualaau and she was charged with child rape and went to jail (pregnant with his kid and gave birth to a daughter 4 months later), She spent 7 years in jail...miraculously gave birth to another child while she was still in jail to Vili and ended up marrying her former 6th grade student in 2004.

It was a big deal in 1997 and for years and with the second birth/eventual marriage was in the press/tv multiple times over the years.

At no time have i ever heard that she was Jospeh Smiths sister. Before reading this book i have never seen it mentioned or printed. Considering the press was all over this for years how powerful do you need to be to make the press not mention you in relation to something like this.

In fact if you google "Joeseph Schmitz" and "Mary Kay LeTourneau" together in the first 10 pages - you get a wikipedia article + 1 LA Times article and then nothing but crackpot posts like this one.

No Fox, No MSNBC, No CNN etc nothing. Not even a single New York Times article link the two together.

Thats real power people.



  1. Your point is lost on me. Why does it matter what his sister did? Isn't a person responsible for their actions and not their siblings? I suppose we should have impeached Jimmy Carter for his bumbling Bubba, huh?

  2. Uhm the fact it never got printed IS a big deal.