Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Facebook screwup QR codes....yet again

Everyone is talking about how Facebook painted a giant QR code on their roof.......unfortunately they screwed it up.

ha ha ha Justin yet another screwup from Facebook...... If you had of even known the most basic concepts around QR codes you would have painted the QR code AWAY from the wall of the building.The QR code above cannot be read without great difficulty because the wall of the building is too close to the code (eg in "the quiet zone").It needed to be moved 6-10' away from the building and would have been able to be read just fine (it leads to www.Facebook.com/fbQRcode btw).

Up here for thinking....down there for drinking.
- http://www.Cognation.net/QR

There is a difference between doing it right and being a hipster.

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