Tuesday, March 06, 2012

IMDB review for "Drive"

lol haven't seen the movie but a friend of mine sent me this link and i had to share.

I've never seen a movie with so many wildly varying reviews

- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0780504/reviews?start=20
Soo slow and boring! - Author: steph_jt - I have no idea how this movie has received such glowing reviews. Gosling appears to be heavily sedated throughout the movie, and the virtual lack of dialogue through the majority of the film just adds to the overall boring experience. Overall it's a movie about nothing with no message at all, and it ends by leaving you with no sense of closure or understanding of why you have been subjected to such a depressing experience. If there was any message at all, I would say it was that life sucks and then you die, or crime doesn't pay perhaps, but overall that's a little bit too Disney for my tastes, but perhaps this will appeal to the masses? Do yourself a favour, and spend your time watching something else, or at the very least take some Valium to get yourself in the correct frame of mind for this slow-paced, self-indulgent offering. No Stars.

Anyone seen it? what did you think? any thought on why it got an average of 8.0 but 90% of the reviews give it 3 or less stars (lol apart from the movie PR people paying for SEO inserts).

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