Sunday, March 24, 2013

Could the USA government buy out TimeWarner and Comcast cable etc

Could the USA government buy out Time Warner and Comcast cable etc to implement a high speed fiber network in a similar method to the Australians NBN

Telstra will also cease using its hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) network to deliver broadband in Sydney and Melbourne. Optus is also set to receive AU$800 million to decommission its own HFC network.

I know AU$37.4 billion in capital expenditure (to be paid off by 2040) seems like a lot now but in 2040 it will seem a cheap investment (especially considering the USA fed reserve is buying $85billion worth of debt every month to boost the USA economy)

And yes we are talking about different scale...but Australia might even be harder to do considering the size with smaller numbers eg 12.2m homes passed by 2021 (93 percent by fibre, 4 percent by fixed wireless, 3 percent by satellite)


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