Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hand controller based technologies

Reading this article (and ones like it) is frustrating
Leap Motion Hands On Up Close
Leap Motion's hardware and software effortlessly detected all 10 of my fingers, which means programmers can use them all to do pretty interesting stuff. I tried out an early beta of Corel Draw 12, which uses a combination of gestures and different positions for all your fingers to create art, and to control the drawing application's interface.

Better let the world know I've developed this magical controller that allows you to be several feet from your computer screen(eg. far enough you can no longer see the detail on the screen) either attached by wire or wireless and it allows you to control movements on the screen almost like magic.
I've put three buttons on the device (though i think i'll keep it simple for the dimwits who use a mac) these buttons allow you to define "interaction events".
I better run out and patent it before anyone else thinks of it but i've come up with a catchy name for it....i shall call it "Mouse"
Interacting with your pc this way is a party trick - its a solution looking for a problem and in a mac/using corel as described above etc....we already have the best solution.

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