Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hunting The Elements

Just finished watching "Hunting The Elements" on PBS by David Pogue incredibly fascinating stuff.

I challenge you to watch this and not learn anything new. (btw you can also watch it online at in case you dont have access to PBS on cable though i recommend you watch it on a dvr as you'll want to rewind more than a few times to re-listen to some of the things that he says and listen to the explanation.

I especially liked the fact that they explain very clearly about how human bodies are actually made up of star"dust", this has been a favorite fact of mine for years that still to this day blows my brain (eg that the atoms in your left pinkie may have come from a different sun than the atoms in your right pinkie").

If there are any geeks reading this I was curious about the bit at the end about trying to man make elements and why "large scale stable elements" are useful and important to discover this "island of high molecular weight".

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