Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Google reader is dead

Google reader is dead......but doesnt mean RSS is 
Don’t be evil? If that’s the unofficial Google motto, then the company has failed to deliver today. Among the products Google just announced it plans to sunset (read: kill off), beloved feed-reading service Google Reader is now on the chopping block.

Be sure to checkout the free Netvibes rss reader, in my view the best RSS reader out there.

The reason for my preference is the "laid out" view where i can have tabs around subjects and then display the same rss streams are in the same dashboard location each time.

I hate the "streaming post" view that most rss readers adopted.

(lol the irony Google is claiming supposedly “declining usage” as the reason for shutting down google reader and yet as you can see here on Reddit every popular rss reader is being DOS by people today looking to test out alternatives J - )

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