Sunday, May 26, 2013

Before Midnight

I saw Before Midnight, last night. Classic movie and it picked up exactly where the 2nd movie. Ms Delpy you still have the perfect :)

Really interesting line in the novie about how every generation thinks its TEOTWAWKI and that before your 20's you are sucking on your mothers teat and oblivious, when you are in your 20's you are partying too hard to notice the world, in your 30's you are trying to acquire and feather your nest and in your 40's you finally get comfortable and have something to lose so you think its TEOTWAWKI and look for the nearest bunker.

Paraphrasing it somewhat for my own personal situation....but was the part in the movie that has made me pause for thought the most this weekend.

Not sure what it means yet. Still thinking goats and sheep...and of course bacon :)

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