Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey LinkedIn ....You Suck

(read from the bottom up)

LinkedIn Customer Support Message
Subject: can no longer reply to linkedin request before accepting

Thanks for sharing your comments on how we can make LinkedIn better. Feedback from members like you provides us with insights that identify the needs of our customers. I sent your message to our research and development team for review and consideration in future developments.

Although every idea cannot be individually responded to or implemented, please know that we do monitor suggestions quite closely for recurring themes. I'd like to invite you to follow us on Twitter or check out the LinkedIn Blog for the latest notifications on site improvements. Both options are great ways to stay informed about new releases and exciting work going on behind the scenes here at LinkedIn.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Customer Experience Advocate
Discussion History:
Member Comment: Dean Collins
05/20/2013 14:45

This is correct, that is the CURRENT situation, but this was not the way it was LAST WEEK.

Previously you could reply to the person and decide from the conversation if you wanted to accept their LinkedIn request eg.maybe you met them at a technical event but forgot their name etc.

Basically you are trying to force people onto paid LinkedIn accounts in order to send inmail replies.

Why have you removed this option to reply BEFORE accepting a request.

You tried this a few months
ago and people complained and you said it was a “technical mistake” now you have tried it again just 3 months later…….why not ADD functionality to encourage people to upgrade instead of TAKING IT AWAY .

I can imagine why you’ve had an increase in people writing to support to complain about this issue and customary wait times for replies have gone up.

Dean Collins

From: LinkedIn
Customer Support []
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2013 2:49 PM
To: Dean Collins
Subject: can no longer reply to linkedin request before accepting [Ticket: 130516-007938]
LinkedIn Response
05/20/2013 13:48
Hi Dean,
I would first like to apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry. This is certainly not the customary wait time for a reply from LinkedIn Customer Advocacy. We have been experiencing higher than expected volumes, and your patience is greatly appreciated.
When you get an email you have the option to accept or there should be a link that says "view profile."  When you click on that link you can view the person's profile and then send them an Inmail message if you desire.  If you want to connect with the person you can just not respond to the email. 
When you see that someone wants to connect with you from your LinkedIn profile you will have the option to Accept or Ignore.  If you wish to view their profile you can click on their picture.
The only options you have to contact them before you accept an invitation would be to send them an Inmail.
While I was reviewing your account today, I noticed that your profile is 55% complete.  Just add your education and another position to have your profile 100% complete!
Thank you for being a valued member of our LinkedIn community!

Customer Experience Advocate
Original Contact:
Member Comment: Dean Collins
05/16/2013 18:06
Receive quite a few invitations weekly - and If I don't know the person or why they want me to connect - there used to be an arrow that said - "Reply without or before Accepting" or something like that. I no longer see that as of today - JUST the ACCEPT button. What happened?

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