Friday, May 10, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Wow Baz Luhrmann what a genius.

If anyone thought Romeo and Juliet was a fluke...and just didn't understand Australia....The Great Gatsby confirms he can take a classic and make it better with his ability to eek out the absolute very best from his actors.

BTW finally high profile role for Joel Edgerton....almost out acts DiCaprio. The second half of the hotel scene (not the leadup...that was obvious) but the subtle "winning over" in the scenes second half is pure talent.

Oh and yes...there will be people who say its too slow...and too long....(some people walked out when we watched it) my answer to them is stick with your Hollywood action Jackson films, this is a film for film lovers.
Does anyone know where it was shot? was it another shot in Australia made to look like the usa production?


P.S. neat...someone cut the Robert Redford Gatsby in the 2013 style -

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