Saturday, December 05, 2015

The War on Math is Bullshit !!

The smoke had barely begun to clear from the horrific attacks in Paris, in a neighborhood where I used to live, before the usual suspects started trying to twist the facts to fit their authoritarian agenda.

CIA director John Brennan hoped it would be ‘a “wake-up call” that will highlight the technical obstacles to gathering intelligence from tech-savvy terrorists,’ to quote The Atlantic. He was only one of many posturing grandstanders hoping to use the slaughter as a political tool to attack secure encryption.


As Rahm Emanuel says...."Never let a good crisis go to waste" (what a dickhead).

Proves we dont have "a free press" anymore....just "sheeple press" trotting out the "party line".

When the fuck did our thriving "Woodward and Bernstein press" turn into China Daily is what i want to know.
p.s. Yes the swearing is appropriate !!

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