Monday, December 21, 2015

What the heck is with the rabble rousing press in Australia this month

I don't get how the press are playing to the dumbest of the dumb in the Australian population this month around the "corporate tax lists" that were just released.

eg this article by

Richard Denniss

This week two enormous lies crashed into the shores of Australian public debate. Thanks to the Australian Tax Office we now know that rather than funding our schools and hospitals, a third of our biggest companies pay absolutely no corporate profit tax whatsoever.

The Queensland Land Court has approved the Carmichael Coal mine project.

I mean seriously is this reporter really that stupid? or just playing for the lowest common denominator?

Just because a company chooses not to pay end of year income tax and instead to reinvests profits into a corporation doesnt mean that they are not "paying tax".

Lets start with how much GST do mining companies pay, how much payrol tax do they pay, how many state/council taxes and duties do they pay over the course of a financial year.....

Lets not forget that if these mining companies didnt exist then the Australian economy wouldnt be generating all of the income tax that the employees pay (or the factored incremental gst/duties/state/council taxes and duties that people pay from their incomes).

This article is an abortion of an attempt to generate outrage in the masses who dont know any better.......I'd expect something like this from The Telegraph not Canberra Times.

You get an educated population by having a smart, educated free press.......based on this political muck I worry for the future of Australia.

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