Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boomers Vs GenY

Interesting maths about did the baby boomers have it easier than Gen Y.....apparently not....even though your mortgage is $416,000......your parents had it tougher.


Assuming a 30 year mortgage on $80,000 taken out in 1989, the total repayments work out to be around $263 per week, at a time when the average person across NSW was earning between $359 and $620 a week depending on their job status and sex . The $263 home loan assumption represents between 73% and 42% of average weekly earnings at the time.

Today, standard home loan rates are at approximately 5.35%. In February 2016, the average loan size taken out by owner occupiers in NSW was $416,000 . With the same loan assumptions as above, weekly repayments work out at approximately $536 per week. In November 2015, the average weekly earnings across NSW ranged between $951 and $1,712, depending on labour force status and sex, making repayments between 56% and 31% of average weekly earnings.

I know its only anecdotal but I know my parents worked harder and tougher than I did.....and its appreciated.

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