Friday, April 29, 2016

Crowd Carnivore

Great to see new methods of buying gate to the plate.

Unlike chickens, where consumers and businesses are used to buying the animal as a whole, other meats like beef and pork have less desirable cuts and are mostly bought and sold in pieces. We as consumers go to our local supermarket or butcher and buy cuts like a t-bone, scotch or sirloin – rarely do we buy a whole cow, for obvious reasons like storage and costs.
Given direct marketing to customers is based off buying only these best parts of an animal, farmers face difficulty in finding an area or customer base for the the less desirable meat like the secondary cuts and internal organs, and therefore miss out on extra profit. Recently launched Australian startup Crowd Carnivore is working reduce the cost of selling animals and making a profit off those animals as a whole.

I've been watching "Farmer George" do box deliveries for Lamb and Walter Jeffries at "Sugar Mountain" do this with pigs for a while and both have built great brands around their product just not viable in a "wholesale" situation.

More money in the pockets of farmers can only be a good thing.

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