Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Joost is Juiced

Viacom has reached a deal with Joost, which will allow content from its networks including MTV, BET and Paramount pictures to be shown on Joost for free, according to Reuters. This marriage with Joost, a site that allows viewers to watch television online, comes two weeks after Viacom ended conversation with YouTube, and forced the user-generated site to pull over 100,000 copyrighted videos.

This is THE BIGGEST story on the internet today bar none.

When Viacom pulled all 100,000 of their clips from You Tube 2 weeks ago everyone was saying...negotiation tactic, where else are they going to go.


Big story today, basically the $1.6 billion Google paid for You Tube last year looks like it's up for some serious 'slide rule' work over the next few months.

The Joost technology was always going to be cool but with heavy hitters like Viacom coming on board it's going to make the Skype sale to Ebay look like chicken feed.

The 'model' is dead, long live the model.


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