Monday, February 19, 2007

New York Googleplex offices

If you've never heard of it's the ultimate time waster, but also one of the sites I check every day for an update on whats going on.

Having said that, an interesting article was posted that I also wanted to 're-post' my comments here as well.

A Tour of Googleplex East
A visual tour of Google's NYC HQ, complete with the requisite massage room, candy machine, and funky cafeteria.

Well my comments about Google and their New York facilities were this.

Yeh well all I know is that when the New York tech community needed a company to step up to the plate and donate some office space for a weekend in order to run BarcampNYC2 Google said no. ( if you've never heard of the events).
For 3 weeks google were uhmming and ahhing about letting us run the event there but came back with 'insurance' concerns.At the end of the day you know who came though - Microsoft. Yep you heard it Microsoft.
They allowed 200 people all the facilties and access we needed for 36 hours to run a great event. And to be honest at the end of the event when we were running through the list of people to say thanks to Microsoft got the biggest cheers from 200 open source/ hacking/ anti microsoft people you have ever heard.Yep Gopogle do no evil bit you on the ass that weekend.

Probably not going to make a difference but I just wanted to post here as a way of showing thanks to Microsoft for makign this happen, oh and in case anyone from Google reads this....there's always next year.


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