Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Squawk Box-letter to the producer

"Re: China Space Junk

To Whom It May Concern;

Wow, you know I'm always happy to take with a grain of salt the ignorance that American news channels show to the rest of the world but your 'glib' comments in the filler section this morning at approx 6.15am est on Squawk Box regarding 'Space Junk' as you refered to it was one of the worst examples I have seen in a long time.

If you think your xenophobic attitudes dont affect the 'sheep' viewers who watch you then you dont deserve the mantle of responsibility that comes with being public information producers/providers.

I appreciate most of the time your editorial style isn't to dig into real issues, it's fine it's what I've come to expect, but realistically you could have discussed how both the USA and Russia blew up similar satelites in previous experiments in the 80's and 90's, or how the experiment last month was obviously a pre-negotiation counter demonstration to the current USA led militarisation of space, but of course it's so much easier just to roll out jokes about chinese scientists not able to talk to their bosses.

Personally I think you'll see this email as a China lover, I'm not, I'm writing as a concerned viewer about the rapidly dropping IQ level of american TV.

Today you took the bar to a new low.

Dean Collins"

I wish I had the video to show what they said. It was bad enough for me to write this letter. Probably not going to do any good but at least they'll know someone was watching with an IQ.


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  1. Well done for writing, but believe me it doesn't get any better across the pond. The BBC scrapes the bottom of the barrel when it comes to reporting from Iraq, so much so that an item on the death of another UK soldier is little more than blair govt spin about Iran.
    I write to them often and have managed on at least one occasion to get them to rewrite a story on their website.
    So don't despair..keep up the pressure.