Monday, February 05, 2007

SuperBowl TV Ad's,,-6394628,00.html
CHICAGO, Feb. 5 (Reuters) - Super Bowl ads, which cost $85,000 per second during this year's game, fumbled overall as they failed to connect with viewers or just scared them, according to researchers who tracked people's brain activity.

I don't know if they fumbled....but lets just say, as someone who watches the SuperBowl every year, and sometimes thinks that the ads are better than the game, I found last nights ads pretty forgettable.

There was a neat one for the new Toyota Tundra pickup (the pivoting bridge ad) and there were a couple of cute beer ads but to be honest I was amazed how average most of them were.

Maybe our expectations of Madison Avenue is a little high year after year but this year but this year lets just say....the game won.


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