Thursday, April 10, 2008

Broadband Infrastructure Costs and what to do?

Martin Geddes writes a really interesting blog - often with fairly insightful vision.

He recently posted something about bandwidth auction costs that I've posted a reply to (but not yet online until he approves it). But you should go check out his article here

My comments submitted are below;

Excellent analysis about the costs not 'disappearing'- I cant help but think if 3g spectrum costs were cheaper then data throughput in countries where carriers got a little carried away (pre-crash) on their bidding would be higher/cheaper.

The carriers now need to recoup these wireless infrastructure costs somehow / somewhere and when you consider how vital to the well being of the economy/industry that connectivity is you almost wish for a more 'planned economy model' to delivering Internet bandwidth.

Anyone have any thoughts on if this is possible to implement for landline broadband.....nationalisation coup of carriers by the US marines maybe :)

Dean Collins

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