Thursday, April 17, 2008

Facebook Spooky

So Facebook kicked off a new feature a few weeks ago called "friends you should know" or something like that - anyway at the time I thought cool, saw one or two people that I'm real life friends with and thought "wow they are on facebook as well - yep I'll 'FB friend' them", not being a big "friend collector" i tend to turn down most friend links I get especially on linkedin etc.

Anyway so every day when I log onto FB I see a new face or two and think cool but dont play around with it much.

Until today, when you click on see all you get to see a whole swath of people.

Now for the spooky part, someone on this page (and no not saying who), I only just emailed 3 days ago aboutt a work related thing - and have only ever received 2 emails. As far as I know - no one else in my group of friends has anything to do with this person as she works somewhat outside the IT space. Facebook 'beaconing my outlook emails'?


BTW has anyone else noticed that the Facebook 'Feed' or posts of items other people are doing - has slowed down dramatically in the last few months, eg less people are posting less items to Facebook? has the fad of FB worn off?

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