Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well what do you know, you learn something new every day.

So you know the scene in "The Chronicles Of Riddick" where the sunrise of the planet is bringing a fierce firestorm sweeping surface of the planet that they are trying to outrun....

Yeh you know the one, so I always thought whilst an exciting scene, was absolute BS.

Anyway so I'm watching a documentary on planets that have highly elliptical orbits (an orbit where the planet does not orbit in a near circle like earth but one where planets circle swinging close into their sun then far out in an egg shaped movement) there is a planet called HD80606b that has a highly elliptical orbit of 111 days and as it swings in close to it's sun, a firestorm of several thousand miles an hour sweeps in both directions from the 'sunny' side to the dark side.

After a period of about 12 hours this dissipates into an entire planet engulfing storm before cooling down again while it swings out the long lobe of it's 111 day orbit.

I guess that would mean you'd need to stay indoors that day or up the SPF factor on your sunscreen several thousand percent.


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