Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lypp/37 Signals Mashup contest - or why I like 'use my tools contests' for market stimulation

37signals VoIP Mashup with Lypp
We are less than one day away from opening the doors to the 37signals VoIP Mashup with Lypp. Tomorrow at noon (Pacific) the contest starts.
Developers, build a mashup application or mashup your existing application using both the
Highrise API and the Lypp API and win stuff. This is a great way to show off your Ruby-fu and win some great prizes.
Best app:
$3000 Apple gift certificate
20,000 minutes of call time from Lypp (approx value: $1800)
12 months subscription for a Highrise MAX account (approx value: $1800)

This is not only a great example of why mashups in the corporate space are going to be huge in 2008/9 but also an example of exactly how new products like this should be launched.

By encouraging a 'sandbox derby' where for a limited time developers/users/customers are encouraged to come over and not only play with your 'toys' for free for a limited period of time but also possibly win cash and prizes - they win but also you get market awareness levels raised and get to stress test your tools to see how they may be adopted in the market.

Besides what better way to launch some tools then see what customers can come up with when really encouraged to be creative.


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