Monday, April 14, 2008

To Vista or not to Vista

I came across this article today

Here's my reason for sticking with XP;
I'm a geek and I would love to upgrade to Vista, all my hardware is pretty much up to speed though laptop might need an upgrade but with the hard drive bitlocker encryption I would feel a lot safer when out and about with my laptop about loosing it.

But here is why I wont upgrade and the one and ony thing holding me back, licensing.

Being a geek I tend to change hardware a lot, some ram here and there, a new video card occasionally - upgraded cpu's when pricepoints fall etc etc.

So if I change two of these items....I'm up for a new vista license. Yep thats right, Microsoft in their wisdom have deemed that should you change more than 2 items of hardware your old license is now null and void and worth nothing.

hmmm somehow I'll stick with my 5pack of windows xp licenses that I bought ages ago and although I've never had more than 4 machines using my licenses at the same time I always know that should I remove one of those licenses I can run it on another machine.

Sorry MS, no amount of marketing or wishful thinking is going to make me change until this restriction is lifted.


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  1. Hey Dean,
    I agree completely! Fortunately, I have several XP Pro licenses. When they run out I'll go to FreeBSD or linux. Although I may not need it if I get more Macs. Right now I have just a MacBook. And, I'm running one of those XP licenses on Parallels.