Monday, March 02, 2009


lol - this is going to get nasty.
Many companies are starting to realize that whatever content they offer online still can’t match the various social media offerings out there, where the community contributes to the whole.

Few, however, have taken it so far as candy maker
Skittles, which replaced its entire homepage with its Twitter stream. The only thing that’s left is a widget-like navigation console in the upper left part of the screen, but lo and behold: instead of pointing you to some company PR nonsense, it sends you to the Skittles entry on other popular social destinations: Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr.

oops :)


P.S. Then they changed to their Facebook page
P.P.S. The they changed to their Wikipedia page
P.P.P.S It begs the question though.....exactly how much extra candy did they sell out of this 'marketing campaign', not much and thats the problem with marketing sometimes.

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