Saturday, October 03, 2009

Canada's answer to the American health care problem

We found Canada's answer to the American health care problem this afternoon... Bixi Bikes.

As i mentioned in the other post it was noticable how skinny and hot the people in Montreal are; now i dont know if this is because more of them ride bikes or good diets but i saw more people riding bikes (both hire and privately owned) than anywhere, and considering they get more snow than New York does..... what excuse do we really have?

The price is totaly reasonable at $3 for up to a 90 minute trip or even better $78 for an annual flat fee.

And they are literally everywhere.Each of those red dots are an automated pickup or drop off location.

I would totally love it if they came to New York. All it takes is one smart politician to make it happen, you could probably even leverage some of Obama's healthcare money in order to fund it.


Found this video online about a month later, thought it might interest some people

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  1. Like Velib in Paris. These can work very well (although Velib has some serious theft problems)

    Here is a post on walking and bike .. some possible relations to obesity (although these data are not causal)